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  • Vacuum sealing machine for pouch cell preparation
Vacuum sealing machine for pouch cell preparation

Vacuum sealing machine for pouch cell preparation

  • Model: VSPC-1
  • Product description: Vacuum sealing machine for pouch cell preparation



Technical Parameters

VSPC-10 has used for vacuum hot sealing after electrolyte diffusion of pouch cell Li-ion batteries. This equipment accurately controls the main vacuum pumping box and pneumatic heat sealing components to automatically complete the vacuum heat sealing of the laminated- aluminum battery case. Touch screen operation makes it high automation.
1. The sealing head is made of copper material so that the heat transfer effect is good to save power consumption and improve work efficiency, more energy-saving.
2. Upper and lower sealing head temperature can be adjusted separately and digital display.
3. The pressure of upper and lower sealing blade can be regulated by the pressure regulating valve to meet different technological parameter demands.
4. The lower and upper sealing heads are driven by cylinder through two linear-guide bushes that make them move up and down flexibly and ensures the parallelism demand after sealed by the right guidance.               
5. Through the window to observe the changes inside the chamber during work.
6. The chamber cover is driven by a cylinder, guided by rotating guide bush to move up and down flexibly, an accurate guide can ensure the sealing demand.
7. This equipment is applicable to different sizes of batteries and easy to regulate. 
8. The split design of the sealing unit and control unit makes the equipment can work either in the glove box or the production line. 
9. Touch screen operation.
Power AC110V/220V optional upon request
Sealing blade length 200mm
Sealing width 5mm
Sealing temperature Room temperature ~ 250℃ adjustable
Temperature control accuracy ±2℃
Heat sealing time 0~99S adjustable
Vacuum degree Max -95Kpa adjustable (Vacuum Pump doesn't include)
Air source 5~7kg/c㎡

Sealing unit :L470 * W485 * H436mm

Control unit :L420 * W325 * H225mm

Weight 50kg