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  • Manual Lab Hydraulic Cylindrical Battery Sealing Machine
Manual Lab Hydraulic Cylindrical Battery Sealing Machine

Manual Lab Hydraulic Cylindrical Battery Sealing Machine

  • Model: CBSM-10
  • Product description: Cylindrical Cell 18650 Assembly Equipments,Full set of Cylindrical cell production solutions



Technical Parameters

It is mainly used for the production of samples for laboratory battery material research and development for cylindrical batteries and cylindrical capacitors. It can also be used for small-scale trial production of factories.

1. Built-in safety relief oil valve can adjust the pressure according to the need, and at the same time can set the upper limit of the pressure to prevent the damage caused by the excessive pressure caused by the wrong operation, ensuring the safety of the machine.

2. Embedded pressure gauge can observe and accurately control the sealing pressure.

3. Using hydraulic drive, the pressure can reach 8T, and the battery seal has no vibration and no leakage.

4. Specially designed hydraulic structure, easy operation.

5. Precise mold design ensures accurate and reliable sealing formation, durable steel structure design, stable and safe use.

6. Small size, convenient operation, can be put into the glove box for operation.

7. Beautiful appearance, light maintenance volume, convenient operation, accurate molding and other advantages.

Driving Force

Manual hydraulic pressing up to 6KG

Pressure Gauge

The reading of the pressure gauge of the normal cylindrical battery packaging pressure is about 80-100kg/cm2. The machine has been adjusted before leaving the factory. If special circumstances require greater pressure (pressure 200kg/cm2 about 8 tons), please consult the manufacturer to adjust.


Stainless Steel

Crimping Dies

Six standard die selectable: 18650 /21700/ 26650 / 32650 / AA /AAA


Two years limited with lifetime support

Application Notes

Customized die for other cylindrical cell types is available upon request


It is necessary to groove the opening end of the cylindrical case by using

the TMAX--CP-18F  grooving machine before sealing the cap


Each type of cylinder cell can only be sealed specifically by certain model of equipment.

Please select the type of cylinder cell in the Product Options drop box to check the model

number and price for the corresponding crimping die of each cylinder cell type

Package Weight


Package size (L*W*H)