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  • Lab Electrode Coater With Vacuum Chuck & 100-300mm Doctor Blade
Lab Electrode Coater With Vacuum Chuck & 100-300mm Doctor Blade

Lab Electrode Coater With Vacuum Chuck & 100-300mm Doctor Blade

  • Model: VCDB-10
  • Product description: Coin Cell Assembly Equipments,Full set of coin cell production solutions



Technical Parameters

It has an unique driving system to produce smooth coating on all types of materials. The flat vacuum chuck is built in to hold substrate sheet in place, which is particularly useful when making thin coatings. One 150 mm width adjustable micrometer applicator (doctorblade) and an oilless vacuum pump are included for immediate use. Heating cover with digital temperature controller can dry films after coating up to 200°C with a temperature accuracy of +/-1°C. This equipment can be used for researches on ceramic tape castings and Li-Ion battery electrode coating.

1. The coating speed can be adjusted within the range of 0~150mm/sec;

2. Vacuum aluminum plate can quickly place or remove the substrate;

3. The stroke can be adjusted from 0 to 300mm;

4. Scraper with micron-level adjustable film applicator (scale 10um), width 100mm;

5. Small outline size can save space;

6. Exquisite appearance, the sheet metal adopts three-dimensional geometric design, simple and beautiful;

Working Voltage

220V ±10%  50Hz

Feed speed

0 ~ 100,the speed can be adjusted

Stroke Length

10 - 250 mm adjustable

Vacuum plate

With vacuum aluminum plate

Scraper range

0.02~0.5mm adjustable 

Vacuum Pump


Max. Heating Temp.


Product Dimensions


Heating drying system

At room temperature to 200 °C, temperature display controller and accuracy + / - 1 °C

Net Weight

50 kg (135 lbs)


One year warranty and lifetime maintenance