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  • Hydraulic Roll To Roll Pressure Controlled Roller Press Machine
Hydraulic Roll To Roll Pressure Controlled Roller Press Machine

Hydraulic Roll To Roll Pressure Controlled Roller Press Machine

  • Model: RPCRP-10
  • Product description: Heat rolling press machine,Hydraulic Roller Press Machine,Heat Calender Machine



Technical Parameters

RPCRP-10 is a device that can be applied to coil rewinding and sub-winding. The device comes with an independent automatic control system to realize automatic unwinding and rewinding functions. It can be matched with a roller press to realize positive and negative sheet rolling of lithium ion batteries. It can also be used for rewinding and rewinding of roll materials such as optical films and functional films.

1. Integrated gantry frame, CNC precision machining to ensure high precision and high stability;

2. The roller is made of imported cold-rolled chromium-molybdenum material through heat treatment surface chromium plating cryogenic treatment, with high internal and external hardness and good wear resistance;

3. The hydraulic system imported from the United States automatically controls the rolling pressure;

4. Patented design hydraulic balancing rolling mechanism, stable holding pressure, good horizontal and vertical rolling uniformity;

5. Oblique block type roller gap adjustment device, indicating adjustment;

Rolling force Max25t
Mechanical speed Max.6m/min
Working roller Diameter: Ф200 mm
Material 9Cr3Mo
Roll width 330 mm
Press type hydraulic
Rolling accuracy ±1.5μm
Rolling mill opening 2 mm
Reducer and gear box combined type
Rolling mill motor AC frequency conversion motor
Operating environment The recommended ambient temperature is 25±3℃, humidity is 30~90RH, no vibration and electromagnetic interference
Outline installation size length 1400mm width 500mmX height 1300mm
Voltage 220V 2KW
Weight 600KG