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  • Electrode Slitting/Cutting Machine
Electrode Slitting/Cutting Machine

Electrode Slitting/Cutting Machine

  • Model: ESCM-10
  • Product description: Battery Electrode Slitting Machine,Forming Machine Factory Price



Technical Parameters

It can be applied to the precise slitting process of positive and negative plates of lithium ion batteries. Sheet feeding, upper and lower circular knife slitting, electric drive, slitting width can be adjusted according to adjusting spacer

1. Adjustable guide device for feeding positioning

2. Adopt electric rolling and slitting method;

3. The amount of meshing can be adjusted;

4. Upper and lower blades have the same speed and synchronous transmission;

5. The plexiglass protection device is equipped at the hob to ensure safe operation;

6. Open hob fixing method is convenient for hob disassembly;

7. High cutting precision and reliable work;

Cutter type up and down round knife
Cutter width 20~300mm
Interval of knife 56±0.1mm, 56±0.1mm, 56±0.1mm, 58±0.1mm, 58±0.1mm. 58±0.1mm.
Cutable thickness 80-300μm battery pole piece
Amount of knife eating hand wheel adjustable 0.2-0.4mm
Cutter diameter 100mm
Cutter material ultrafine alloy steel
Width adjustment spacer adjustment
Slitting speed <2m/min, the knob can be adjusted
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
Power 0.5KW
Dimensions length 840×width 600×height 310 (mm)
Weight About 90KG