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  • Lithium Battery Electrode Cross-Cutting Machine
Lithium Battery Electrode Cross-Cutting Machine

Lithium Battery Electrode Cross-Cutting Machine

  • Model: ECCM-10
  • Product description: Electrode Cross-Cutting Machine ,Lithium Battery Electrode Cross-Cutting Machine



Technical Parameters

It is mainly used for single-chip cutting of positive and negative plates of lithium batteries. The cutting length, quantity, and speed can be set arbitrarily, and the cutting can be done independently. This machine has an automatic unwinding function, which is controlled by a tension frame to automatically discharge and automatically stop. The speed is adjustable during the discharge, and the loading axis is gas. Easy to install and unload.

1. The cutting length, quantity and speed can be set arbitrarily, and can be cut separately;

2. Automatic tension adjustment during unwinding;

3. Continuous cutting, fixed length and cursor tracking are optional. It is suitable for multi-section cutting, and the compensation at the front and back of the cut can be set;

4. The width is 10~300mm, and the length is arbitrarily set within 1~9999 mm.

5. The machine is controlled by PLC man-machine interface, easy to use and operate.

6. Exquisite appearance, the sheet metal adopts three-dimensional geometric design, simple and beautiful;

7. Simple operation, safe and reliable, small size;

Unwinding The unwinding air expansion shaft is fixed, and the unwinding tension is automatically unwinding with constant tension.
Fixed length cutting speed 5~250mm/s
Colour cutting speed 5~150mm/s
Unwinding diameter (Max) 250mm
Glitch status Glitch status≦25um
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Power 1.2KW
Compressed air 0.5Mpa~0.8 Mpa
Scope of application width 300mm, length 1~9999 mm
Cutting accuracy fixed length using servo system and color mark sensor to track fixed length, high precision, cutting accuracy within adjustable range ± 0.3mm
Total size of equipment L710*W710*H1000mm (length of guide plate is 800, total length is 1500mm)
Weight about 240kg