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  • Cylindrical Cell Semi-Automatic Winding Machine
Cylindrical Cell Semi-Automatic Winding Machine

Cylindrical Cell Semi-Automatic Winding Machine

  • Model: SAWM-10
  • Product description: Cylindrical Cell Semi-Automatic Winding Machine,Winding Machine,Semi-Automatic Winding Machine



Technical Parameters

SAWM-10 is a device that can be applied to the cylindrical lithium ion battery pole piece winding process. Compared with the manual winding machine, the device has high winding efficiency, good winding uniformity, and a wide range of battery sizes. It is more suitable for the winding needs of various cylindrical batteries in the lithium battery laboratory.

1. Suitable for semi-automatic special production of cylindrical lithium ion batteries

2. Automatic release of diaphragm, automatic winding, automatic termination tape and automatic blanking;

3. Constant tension feeding of diaphragm, good consistency of cell tension;

4. The pole piece guide plate can easily adjust the width and adapt to the wide range of pole pieces;

5. Using man-machine interface to control the machine, simple and intuitive operation;

6. Automatically alarm and display the fault location when there is an exception for easy handling;

7. Easy to operate and easy to learn, can form productivity as soon as possible.

Circle needle diameter Ф3mm, Ф4mm, Ф5mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
Length of positive and negative plates 90mm~650mm
Width of positive and negative plates 28mm~58mm
Diaphragm width 30mm~60mm
Tape width 8mm~16mm
Winding accuracy ≤±0.3mm (alignment error of diaphragm and positive and negative plates)
Speed 5~7 Pcs/min
Air source 0.5~0.7 Mpa
Power supply AC220V 50HZ
Power  1.0KW
Equipment size 1600mmx1300mmx1500mm
Weight about 600KG