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  • Battery Short Circuit Test Machine
Battery Short Circuit Test Machine

Battery Short Circuit Test Machine

  • Model: BSCTM-10
  • Product description: Pouch Cell Assembly Equipments,Full set of Pouch cell production solutions



Technical Parameters

BSCTM-10 is a short-circuit tester designed for capacitive loads such as battery cells. The output voltage can be set arbitrarily from 25V to 1000V in 1V steps; the test result is determined by the insulation resistance value or the leakage current value; built-in Comparator and timer can meet different standard requirements. The set parameters can be stored in the instrument, and up to 100 groups can be stored.

RJ6901A comes standard with PLC interface and RS232 interface, which is easy to realize automatic control with PLC or computer control

1. 25V~1000V continuous voltage output, 1V step, the corresponding insulation resistance test range is as follows:

25V~100V 0.05M~1000M
101V~250V 0.1M~2000M
251V~1000V 0.25M~4000M

2. The instrument has a discharge module inside, the discharge resistance is 20kΩ, the charge can be released after the test is completed, and the test is safer;

3. Fast charging, suitable for battery measurement;

4. 100 sets of memory groups, which can save the setting parameters to the inside of the instrument for easy recall;

5. Comparison of upper and lower limit, sound and light alarm of over limit;

6. With delay judgment, for capacitive tested products, no judgment is made during the delay time, only judgment within the test time;

7. There are test terminals on the front and back panels for easy on-site application;

8. Standard RS232 communication and PLC remote control port are convenient for PLC control;

9. Continuous testing, support manual line testing.

Features Technical index
Output voltage/resolution/accuracy 25V~1000V/1V/±(2%×setting value+2V)
Test voltage/resolution/accuracy 25V~1000V/1V/±(2%×display value+2V)
Electric current 1mA
output method Floating ground
Isolation voltage ±1000V
Ripple 5Vp-p (1000V no load); 10Vp-p (1000V full load)

1% (full load ~ no load)
Rise Time 15ms (no load Umax)
Automatic discharge 20kΩ (200ms/time constant RC for 1uF capacitor discharge at 1000V)
Delay time 0.1s~999.9s accuracy: ±(0.1%×set value+0.1s)
testing time 0.5s~999.9s accuracy: ±(0.1%×set value+0.1s)
Insulation resistance Resistance: 2.000MΩ~200.0MΩ±(2%×measured value+5 words)

200MΩ~4000MΩ±(5%×measured value+5 words)

Capacitance: 2.000MΩ~200.0MΩ±(5%×measured value+5 words)

200MΩ~4000MΩ±(10%×measured value+5 words) (test under 100nF)

Display parameters Insulation resistance/leakage current
Comparators upper limit lower limit
Auto detect Continuous testing, high voltage continuous output
Sampling speed Fast/Medium/Slow
Storage parameters 100 groups
External interface RS232/PLC
Use environment 0℃~40℃/20%RH~70%RH
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz
weight 7.2kg
physical dimension 300mm×88mm×380mm (W×H×D)