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  • Lithium Ion Battery Continuous Automatic Coating Machine
Lithium Ion Battery Continuous Automatic Coating Machine

Lithium Ion Battery Continuous Automatic Coating Machine

  • Model: CACM-10
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Technical Parameters

CACM-10 lithium battery coating machine is a three-roller transfer coating equipment, which is convenient to be applied to the surface coating process of various substrates. Especially applied to the lithium-ion battery industry, the device is designed for the convenience of researchers, while meeting the requirements of coating accuracy and consistency that are no different from production requirements. The drying effect is excellent. It is a lithium-ion battery, super capacitor, nickel battery and other Ideal for secondary battery research and development.

1. Base material tension control, stable running, equipped with deviation correction device;

2. Hot air oven, upper and lower sides blowing, high quality drying effect;

3. Three-roller transfer coating, with a wider coating window;

4. Comma squeegee measurement, with precision adjustment mechanism, to obtain high coating accuracy;

5. PLC control, touch screen operation, convenient and easy to use;

6. Optional solvent recovery and treatment device;

Source voltage

AC 220V/110V, 50HZ/60HZ




One Year limited warranty with lifetime support

Max electrode width



Put volume (with tension adjustment), coating, drying box 6m, main drive,

winding (with tension, rectifying);

Winding rectifying control precision

≤± 0.2mm

Baking oven

Stainless steel, 2M/section,

Dry temperature : RT-150℃, adjustable, With accuracy ±3℃

Coating speed

0-5m/min, adjustable

Coating accuracy


Control pressure

0-25N, adjustable

Air compression


Coating mode

Single face continuous coating

Application foil

Aluminum foil, Copper foil


1 This machine is single surface continuous coating machine,

2 Drying oven is heated hot air circulation structure

3 Equipped with tension control, winding rectifying automatic control

4 All parts contacted with electrode with chrome plated or stainless steel corrosion resistance