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Process of Manufacturing Coin Cell

Step 1: Preparation of the electrode

1. The cathode active material and anode active material were sintered in heating furnace. Related machine: Furnace Machine
2. A mill grinds the battery material into smaller particles. Related machine: Milling Machine
3. The active material, conductive material and adhesive are mixed in a vacuum to make the paste. Related machine: Vacuum Mixer
4. Using coater, the paste is applied to the collector to make the electrode. Related machine: Coating Machine
5. Dry the newly made electrodes with a heater. Related machine: Heater
6. Use a rolling press (calendar) to roll the electrodes to the desired thickness. Related machine: Rolling Press Machine

Step 2: Assemble the lithium-ion battery

1. Cut the single coating anode, cathode, and separator into disks with a disc cutter. Related machine: Cutting Machine
2. Flatten the disc with a press machine Related machine: Press Machine
3. Soak the disc in electrolytes from the glove box, with water and oxygen concentrations below 1ppm. Related machine: Glove Box
4. Stack up the discs found in the coin box in order.
5. Dry the batteries in a vacuum oven. Related machine: Oven
6. Fill the appropriate amount of electrolyte into the shell with electrolyte filler. Related machine: Filler
7. Press the coin core with the edge press and seal the battery core in the case. Related machine: Crimping Machine

Step 3: The lithium-ion battery test

1. The performance of li-ion coin battery was tested by battery analyzer. Related machine: Analyzer Machine
2. Use an impedance measuring tool to measure the internal resistance of the battery. Related machine: Tester


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