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About us

Huixin Technology company is committed to research and development of laboratory equipment. The equipment is widely used in both academic research and industrial development. Our goal is to provide reliable and affordable equipment for our customers.

First, the products are made in China, so we can decrease the production cost. The lower cost is about shipping, producing, and factory land using. When our cost to be lower, we have a chance to provide an affordable price to our customers. But you do not need to worry about the quality of the products because our quality supervisors will make sure all products have high quality.

Second, we are not working as individuals, but we are working as a team. We have good leaders, professional engineers, and working hard operators. We are working together created a great team that includes respect, understanding, and friendship. Under the working environment, we can produce high-quality products.

we are looking forward to hearing your suggestions to further improve our service quality and product quality. Also, we hope our products can be part of your laboratory facility and work with you together to contribute to your research and development.

Contact Us

Contact: Sean Guo


Tel: +1 5419085748

Add: Guangdong Province, China, GuangZhou